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How to choose the #1 best Learning Management System (LMS)

Learning Management System - Abdalla Zukralla
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    Are you looking for the best Learning Management System (LMS) system in Jordan and Worldwide for your site? Learning Management System (LMS) allow you to create and run online courses like Udemy.
    A perfect LMS system includes features for managing your online course content, handling subscriptions, running and grading quizzes, accepting payments, and more.

    Learning Management System (LMS) is a comprehensive easy-to-use system designed to give you control over your school’s learning activities, lesson plans, coursework, quizzes, and assignments

    Learning Management enhances the education process by reinforcing convenient collaboration between teachers, students and parents.

    Learning Management System Development: Core Features

    What are the main features of an Learning Management System (LMS) that each learning system should have? When you decide to develop a learning management system, be sure to include the features listed below as you embark on your mission of Learning Management System (LMS) development.

    Course Builder

    The most important feature of an Learning Management System (LMS) is the ability to create courses that will be used to train employees in your company. It should be able to create various kinds of courses from topics to quizzes for testing learners.

    Content Management

    Just like how content is essential for a website or application, it is of equally high importance when it comes to the development of a learning management system. When you build your own LMS, the content management feature should allow you to create content that will be used for training employees.

    Skills Assessment, Testing

    In addition to the course builder, an Learning Management System (LMS) should have a tool to manage and assess skills that learners acquire during training. Skills assessment is vital to see whether training is adequate. Assessing skills can come in the form of quizzes and assignments.

    Achievements, Statistics, Surveys

    A well-developed LMS should give you the ability to track the progress of learners. This includes the number of quizzes taken, how long it took to complete a quiz, and the number of assignments completed. You can even add incentives based around an employee’s achievements to encourage continued use of the Learning Management System (LMS).

    Social structure

    When you build a custom learning management system, you intend on making the learning process for trainees easier. One way of doing this is by giving employees the chance to have a community experience. You can add a live chat or forum section where employees can get quick answers to the questions they might have. These will make it easier for learners to connect and share information with other people within your company.

    Mobile support

    When you create a learning management system, make sure it is accessible on all kinds of devices. The goal is to provide access to an LMS throughout the day. Since most people use their mobile devices more often than computers, having an LMS that works on mobile devices is a must. Mobile version also gives them the flexibility to take courses when it is most comfortable for them.


    Like most software applications, an LMS should provide real-time updates on its programs, particular lessons or even exams. Employees would receive notifications like: Hey, [employee name]! The new block “How to close deals more effectively” goes live tomorrow this time. Don’t miss it!


    System can send notifications in the form of:

    • Simple text
    • Images
    • Action buttons


    The security of your LMS should not be overlooked. It’s important to make sure that only credited persons can edit or remove courses from your learning portal. Security also prevents you from losing business data and exposing the private information of employees.


    There are a lot of options that the market offers when it comes to Learning Management System software. However very few of them have all the features you need an LMS software to have. Moreover, if you want to get “one stop shop” solution, it’s better to create your own learning management system by opting to work with a team of developers who know how to do so.

    Summing Things Up

    Learning Management System (LMS) is very important for your business as it will help you to training employees simply and effectively. This will make training more efficient which also improves the productivity of your workers. Opt for a custom development solution as it helps you to design a system that works for your company. Contact me to learn more information about custom development solutions for an LMS and get the best services!


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